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Microsoft Stopping Malware

Microsoft has been on the forefront for stopping malware even though you may not realize it. The company is constantly addressing newly developed exploits that target weaknesses within its operating system. Another avenue Microsoft has taken to preventing malicious software is there popular “Microsoft Security Essentials” antivirus software.

Aside from the actual software, Microsoft also pursues the origins of malicious software which can be seen in a recent lawsuit. Microsoft has had a suit open against the owner of which was linked to a large amount of malware including a botnet named Nitol. Nitol, like other botnets, is a group of infected computers that all report back to a central server. The central server can allow backdoor access to the infected computers and allow them to be used in attacks around the world.

Since the suit was started Peng Yong, the owner of has begun to cooperate with Microsoft and authorities to block the malicious content and connections.

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