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Facebook To Support PGP Encryption


Facebook will now support GPG encryption, which is a variant of OpenPGP encryption, in all email correspondence with customers. This provides end-to-end encryption for security-conscious individuals. However, this may not be for everyone as it requires some knowledge of the actual implementation of the encryption process, including how to obtain a PGP key. To obtain one, each party generates a public and private key and the two combine, creating one PGP key. The public keys that are generated are just that — public. They can be shared with whomever you want, even the world! The private keys, however, are kept in a ultra-safe, digital lock box away from prying eyes.

PGP systems use public key and symmetric cryptography (geek talk). In short, if Michael and Scott were communicating via email, Michael’s private key and Scott’s public key will combine. The same is done to Scott’s private key and Michael’s public key. This creates the unique PGP key and ensures that the two can decrypt each other’s email messages.

PGP is one of many ways that Facebook protects you online. Other security enhancements include their Tor-site; non-Tor users always use HTTPS communications.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)