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New Storage Devices on the Market

There are some new forms of storage on the market. These have been around for several years now so I guess they’re not that new…but at this size/speed and availability to consumers, they are completely new! At around $4,500 for a 1 TB PCI-Express card this may not really be in most consumers price range but devices like this are slowly coming down in price and may in the future actually be the types of storage you see in PC’s.

Most computers use a common mechanical hard drive that has several metal plates that data is written to and 1TB drives like this are becoming common place in consumer PC’s these drives currently run about $70 for a replacement when purchased online but in years past were much more expensive.

The advantages of the PCI Express card when used for storage have to do with its read/write speed. Most hard drives found commonly in computers today have a 3MB Cache which is used during the read/write process. These cards not only give true 1.4GB/s read/write speed but offer a much larger cache (512MB) which allows the card to process data much quicker than that of today’s hard drives. If you’re interested in reading more about hard drives and the way that they function click here. If you just want to drool over the “new” Sold State Drive (PCI-Express hard drive) click here