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Google Glasses

Everyone loves the way their phones can navigate places for them, tell you what items are, give you times for events, etc. Now Google is working to bring that technology to your eyewear. Much like the futuristic scenes in many movies where the character looks around and a computer is analyzing everything they look at; Google’s new glasses are aiming to do the very same thing.

Google’s glasses will be able to set appointments for you and remind you about them, give you directions to somewhere you would like to go whether while walking or driving, or even help you meet up with friends using intergraded features of Google’s social media tool Google+.

While this futuristic technology seems far-fetched it was only a matter of time before Google, or another company invented a better, more hands free method of interacting with everyday life. This new design is meant to easily integrate into someone’s life and give them more readily available access to the Internet’s resource’s than ever before.

If you want to see a short clip of this cool new technology click here.