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Google Plus Publicly Available To Everyone

Took them a few months, but Google+ is now available to the public. No longer will you have to be invited to join. Simply visit to sign up. If you don’t remember, Google+ is the new Social Networking platform that allows users of their Gmail service to connect with their friends similar to the way Facebook, or Twitter does. Users can post pictures, share videos, update their status, video chat, and more. Previously Google+ was still in its field trial, but has now reached beta status. Google notes that since Google+ is still in beta, you may still encounter technical issues, and other problems, but be assured, developers are working hard to fix any issues that may occur.

Also with the release of Google+’s new beta status, comes the release of new Hangout Application Programming Interface (API). Basically this means that third-party developers can now create new web-apps to work with the new Hangout features of Google+.  For more information regarding Google+’s new Hangout feature, visit