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Self-Repairing Computers

Okay, so I must admit, the idea of a self-repairing computer does sound a bit futuristic. A group of computer scientists named “CRISP (Cutting edge Reconfigurable ICs for Stream Processing” is developing a new type of process that allows individual components to fail and the processor to continue to function. While the processor obviously would not have the same amount of power it did before the component failed, it would allow the processor to continue to function.

These new processors are being developed right now and are much smaller than the processor chips that we currently use. The idea is that they can make more compact processors and keep them in good running condition. When components are made smaller they tend to be more fragile and can break much easier but using this new technology it would allow processors to “break” and continue functioning without errors.

So….the idea of a computer that can repair its components on its own may not be as far off in the future as you might think. Once they are able to do it with processors I would venture to guess that the technology will be moving on to other parts soon thereafter.