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Why Not To Fix Your Own Computer

So you’re having issues with your computer and you, being a bit of a do it yourselfer, decide to “fix” your computer on your own and save yourself some money. There is a high likelihood that if you do not have experience working on computers that you may wind up costing yourself a lot more money that if you had just brought the computer in to begin with.

A few weeks back we had a client that brought their computer in and needed us to recover their pictures. The reason for this was that they tried to fix their computer by themselves. When they tried doing this they had read to just “restore the computer” well not knowing what was meant exactly they did restore their computer….to factory defaults. This action caused them to not only deleted all of their pictures by overwriting them on the hard drive but also eliminated any chances of us being able to recover the pictures using any of our techniques.

Long story short, if you are not 100% certain what you are doing is going to fix your problem your best bet is to not do it. You see in the above situation the client lost their pictures which to someone people are far more important than the cost to fix the computer but there are a lot of times when your actions can wind up costing you more money and time to correct the problem. So pretty simple, if you “think” you can fix it…DON’T. Make sure you know you can or just bring it in to us and we can get it fixed for you.