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Google Policy Changes

Google has been making many different changes lately. Some changes are great, others are not. Google has made changes in their search engine, Gmail, and now their Privacy Policy. There are a number of users however that are very much against these policy changes but why?

Opponents to Google’s new policy change claim that the new policy’s conflict with old policy’s already agreed upon by its users and as such should not be allowed to take place. There are a number of problems with this though. First problem is that every time a user uses one of Google’s services they are agreeing to the new Policy changes and everything that goes along with it. Many users love Google’s free services but do not like the new policy as they feel it is an invasion of their privacy rights.

Google gave a lot of notice before they made the policy changes so it is not like its users did not have time to find different service providers if they do not agree with the new policy they just chose not to.

Several groups are in the process of suing Google over these changes and some are even pushing for a class action suit.

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