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Lapdocks, Webtops, and now your phone is your PC

Last year Motorola introduced the Lapdock.  This is a docking system for your phone for a computer. Dual-Core phones can be docked and perform as a fully functional computer. The Motorola Atrix came out with Lapdock but one thing was lacking, a mouse. This is important because some websites require you to use a mouse for full use of the website. This is where Google came in. With the merger of Google and Motorola came the technology for Webtop.

Webtop was thought up in 2009 in a Motorola lab in Sunnyvale, California. It embeds a full functioning Firefox browser in the phone for when it is docked it is seen from the websites as a computer instead of as a phone. You can use a mouse and you will not be redirected to the mobile version of the site.

Since then they have been tested by CIO’s in some of the top fortune 500 companies. They said that it was an amazing experience however it would be a lot better if it had Citrix. Citrix is an enterprise software that allows you to access applications such as Office on a server. Then your phone could sign on to the server and use the applications. All of this and more could be coming soon to a phone near you.