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Hackers Improve Tactics You Should Too

McAfee and Guardian Analytics just released a report stating that they are beginning to see a rise in that amount of more sophisticated attacks on banks and credit unions worldwide.  While these attacks began primarily in Europe they have begun to make their way into the United States and Columbia.

The attacks are originating from custom designed servers that are designed specifically for speed and the ability to work quickly to get into an account, make transfers, etc.

While attacks on financial institutions are nothing new the precision of these new methods are. Hackers are becoming more and more savvy and realize that the time period for them to get in, get what they want, and get out is becoming smaller and smaller as IPS and IDS (Intrusion Prevention Systems and Intrusion Detection Systems) improve. Since hackers are learning this they are now building systems specifically for hacking and designing them to try to circumvent IPS & IDS.

As always a good firewall in place with IPS/IDS is a great first step in preventing access to your company’s networks. Contact us for a security evaluation on you network and some steps that could be taken to improve your security.

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