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Is That Link Safe

A lot of users come into our shop with virus problems and one of the most common ways of getting a virus is by clicking on the wrong link. It also seems like every one of these clients have the same question, “How am I supposed to know what’s safe to click on?” The short answer is that you won’t KNOW that something is safe to click on. There are some steps you can take however to help protect you.

One way to help ensure you are on a safe site is by looking for the little lock symbol near you address bar an ensuring that your surfing using SSL. Don’t know what SSL is? You really don’t need the details; you just need to know that if you have it, the website is operating on a secured connection between you and the computer you are connecting to. This is one good step if you are doing some online shopping.

There are also a few browser add-ons that can help you determine whether a link in the search results is safe to click. Some antivirus programs also include such add-ons so they would be a good place to check.

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