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New Online Payment Method

One of the Nation’s leading retailers is beginning a new online payment method. Wal-Mart has just implemented a way for its online customers to purchase goods on their website and then opt to come pay in cash at the store for the order.

Wal-Marts new program called “Pay With Cash” gives its users the ability to browse the online stores, choose their products, then go pay for them in store using cash. In the past it was very difficult for people that did not have a credit card to use online shopping as an option. Now with Wal-Mart’s new payment option this is no longer the case.

After users have made payment for their items within 48 hours they have the option to have the items shipped to the store or shipped to another address.

Should other online retailers pickup this option for payment, and I am sure they will. People may soon be able to browse online for some items they want, go to the store for their groceries, and pay for that purchase at the same time.

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