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Leap Motion Control To Be Bundled With Asus PCs

Leap Motion has created an innovative control that can measure you movements with accuracy of a hundredth of a millimeter. Leap Motion struck a deal with Asus to bundle this device in with a series of Asus computers.

Leap Motions device can be bundled in with laptops, all-in-ones, tablets, and smart phones. The cameras are very tiny. Also the sensor that takes in all of the data is not that large and can be fit into most form factors. This is a big step for Leap Motion.

Since the deal was struck and the strong interest from consumers and developers, Leap Motion has boosting up manufacturing. When Leap Motion originally designed this device they had surgery, gaming, design, and engineering in mind. Since the release people have been proposing ideas such as translating sign language on the fly. At the time of this article more than 40,000 people have applied to be part of the companies developer program.