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New QOS Type Service to be Released

Qualcomm, one of the nation’s leading mobile technology leaders is preparing to announce a new technology they say will change the way your devices use that precious bandwidth. Qualcomm said that they will be showing a device at the Consumer Electronic Association (CES) convention this year that is similar to current Quality of Service (QOS) technology which prioritizes network traffic allowing a certain amount of bandwidth for your devices.

Many times QOS is used in households for video streaming so that you do not get that dreaded buffering screen in the middle of one of your shows. QOS allows users to set devices on a router to use a certain percentage of bandwidth and that’s what it uses all of the time. Qualcomm’s new technology “StreamBoost” is designed to give applications/devices the exact amount of bandwidth they need and no more, thus maximizing the available bandwidth with the waste.

Another big feature is that the device can actually learn overtime what devices/services need x amount of bandwidth allowing it to perform better as well.

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