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FBI Protecting Your Family Via New Technology

In the event that every parent’s worst nightmare were to come true, the FBI has developed an App for that. That’s right the FBI is even jumping on board with the mobile craze. This past week the FBI developed a new App that allows a child’s parents to add crucial information to help law enforcement agency’s find missing children more quickly. Once parents setup that appropriate contact information (of their local authorities) the App allows for one click emails, emergency calls, etc. to them which gives authorities more of the precious time needed to try and find the missing child.

The strange thing about this new app is that they chose to release it on Apple products first. With Android holding a significantly larger portion of market share when it comes to mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets one would think that would have been the platform of choice first. At any rate generally apps that hit Apple products end up on Android fairly quickly so if you have children keep an eye out for this app it just may be your child’s life line.

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