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Microsoft Complaints about YouTube

Google has long been a target of anti-competitive practice complaints. It could be that they’re a large company and big competition for companies like Microsoft, Apple, etc. but the complaints just keep coming.

Google has been tied up in battles over complaints and anti-competitive practices as well for some time now and is just about wrapped up with a federal probe into their practices, until now.

Microsoft, one of Googles larger competition in the tech world is once again placing complaints in Googles direction. Microsoft claims that there is compatibility issues with YouTube that prevent it from being ran on Windows Phones. Microsoft has claimed this as well over a year ago and the issue has still not been resolved so, since the government probe is almost finished Microsoft is trying to shine light on the issue once again.

It is interesting that YouTube works fine on Apple devices (one of Googles biggest competitors) and Android (no surprise since this is created by Google) but not on Windows phones. It seems that Microsoft may just need better software developers if they can’t get this figured out on their own like Apple has.

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