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Microsoft Gaming Endeavors for 2015


Expect to see more Microsoft gaming in 2015.

Microsoft’s gaming boss, Phil Spencer, wants to show gamers how Microsoft being both the Windows company and the Xbox company can be a real win for them. He isn’t talking about specifics yet (those details are coming in 2015, he says), though he stresses that he’s committed to PC gaming.

“We definitely haven’t told our full story about gaming on Windows,” Spencer said during the latest Major Nelson Radio podcast. “I’ve said a couple times that as the head of Xbox inside of Microsoft, I’m also the head of gaming for Microsoft. I think about those two things in sync with one another”

“And I definitely want gamers out there to feel like the fact that Microsoft is both the Windows company and the Xbox company is a good thing for them. We’ll have more to say in 2015,” he added. “I think it can be a real good thing for gamers — the fact that Microsoft has a strong gaming presence on a PC and on their television.”

Microsoft announced Windows 10 back in September. It remains to be seen what effect the new OS will have on gaming, but Spencer is optimistic.

Back in June, Spencer said, “gaming on Windows is critical to Microsoft’s success,” and before that, he admitted that Microsoft needs to do more to support PC gamers, saying part of his job as Head of Xbox is to “bring back our Windows gaming focus.”

(Image source: iCLIPART)