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Microsoft Surface in High Demand

With Microsoft’s new Surface tablet just being release recently how’s it doing and what do people think of Apples new rival in the tablet market?

If sales are any indication on of how consumers view Microsoft’s tablet then Surface is doing quite well. Several online retailers that previously had the lower end Surface tablet in stock are now showing that they are out of stock for that model and are back ordering the higher end models.

While Surface is not exactly the same operating system as Windows 8 it is very similar. Microsoft is trying to use the same metro interface across all of their devices and is even rumored to be developing Windows Phone 8 which is not out just yet.

With all of Microsoft’s devices having a similar layout to keep users familiar with devices cross platform they seem to be doing well at this point. Time will tell if users stick with the new design as the new Metro interface has been noted as a large learning curve.

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