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Trouble for MS Surface

With Microsoft's new tablet, Surface, out recently and predictions it is going to hurt Apple's bottom line it was only a matter of time before Apple responded with a new product line to try and tempt users away from Microsoft. Apple is releasing the new iPad Mini in an attempt to steal some of its user…

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Microsoft Surface in High Demand

With Microsoft’s new Surface tablet just being release recently how’s it doing and what do people think of Apples new rival in the tablet market? If sales are any indication on of how consumers view Microsoft’s tablet then Surface is doing quite well. Several online retailers that previously had the lower end Surface tablet in stock…

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Microsoft Surface Goes Live

Many people have been using the Apple iPad for years and love it. Microsoft has never really had their hand in the tablet market until this October. That’s right its almost here, Microsoft’s Surface tablet which is designed to be a crossover device to Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system will be available beginning on…

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