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Microsoft Is More Trustworthy Than Apple

ПечатьSince Snowden released the information on government spying there are not many tech companies out there that are deemed trustworthy. There has been a study that Microsoft is more trustworthy than Apple. The study was done by Forrester and is available for $499, this is because the research is valid and did cost a decent amount to conduct.

Microsoft is more trustworthy than Apple.

The Forrester Study which can be viewed in a report at GeekWire reveals what they call “TRUE Rankings.” These ratings are based on four points: trusted, remarkable, unmistakable, and essential. They had 4,551 adults to give their truthful opinions on the tech giants, and the obvious winner was Microsoft.

Forrester was surprised at just how well Microsoft set the pace since Apple and Samsung have made such large leaps in the mobile computing field. When setting out to find out why Microsoft is the most trustworthy brand it was revealed that Microsoft has made itself a trustworthy and essential software manufacture across all American generations since Microsoft first release.

If you were to look at this a few years ago I think that Microsoft may have had a much more demanding lead. Since the release of Smart devices Microsoft has been losing their demand as they have been having issues keeping up with other mobile device software manufactures such as Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS.

Right now Microsoft has a firm standing in business and can easily operate on any scale of company from small to enterprise. Until other companies are able to compete in this market Microsoft will stand prominent. Apple and Linux have been taking steps to have the ability to be used in the work environment but not even close to the extent that Microsoft does.

Microsoft also does not need to spend the time and effort into making devices which allows them to focus on being able to work on most hardware and their platforms work the best with most other business software. Microsoft is a business standard and will be the most trusted platform until that changes.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)