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Black Friday Blitz

Black Friday is THE day to get the best deals according to both consumers and resellers alike. Every year after Thanksgiving millions of people take to the streets in the search for the best deals on what for some is an after Thanksgiving treat and for others the gifts for the upcoming Christmas holiday. While these deals are hyped up by resellers as begin amazing deals at great prices, are they really just that?

As far as the computers most resellers put on sale go, they are generally great deals. While shopping for a new computer on Black Friday it is a good idea to keep in mind that most of the bargain priced $200-$300 laptops and towers are, while very affordable, often times made with cheaper parts than the computers you see every day. This being said most of them will run a little slower and may not offer the same features as the computers you normally see on the market.

If your searching for a new computer this holiday season make sure to compare the systems specs to those of the other computers you have been looking at over the year. Also remember that Hard Drive space isn’t everything. Many of the bargain computers skimp in a very important area that is often hard for consumers to distinguish any difference till they get the computer home and use it, the processor.

Keep informed on the various types of computer hardware that is being sold today so that when you make your purchase you are not disappointed with the performance expecting something better.