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New Screen Technology

Samsung just released a concept video of their new “Flexible Display Technology” that though it isn’t expected to be out until 2012 (which is actually pretty soon…) is very impressive and may become the new standard for mobile devices according to many different articles I’ve read over the last few months.

Even though Samsung has not officially released this technology it is very impressive and the possible uses are endless. If you have a spare moment check out the video released by them that is designed to portray the devices possibilities. This device being flexible is very durable. Those of you that always drop devices, such as phones, tablets, etc. don’t need to worry about dropping one of these. One of the cool possibilities this device will offer is augmented reality which allows the user to basically see an image in 3D off of the tablet itself.

Pretty interesting technology that could also have benefits in many different fields when it comes to training with the use of augmented reality. Surgeons could learn about various surgeries via the augmented reality and would be able to see what should happen in a surgery without actually having to be present in a surgery.

If you want to read more click here or check out the video from Samsung below!