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Solid State Drives Soon Cheaper

The debate is on! Will Solid State Drives become cheaper than the current mechanical hard drives? Depending on who you talk to that answer is yes, but not initially. Due to the large amount of damage done in Thailand in recent months Mechanical Hard Drive prices have be slowly and steadily rising in price due to availability. Thailand manufactures roughly 70% of the world’s hard drives and because of the damage there many of the supplies have been cut off.

Micron, a major manufacturer of Solid State Hard Drives that they are actually seeing an increase in SSD demand from what they can only assume is due to the flooding in Thailand. Micron’s Kevin Kilbuck says that he feels their SSD fill the void nicely.

SSD’s are still considerably more expensive than the normal mechanical Hard Drives are but with prices on the rise for Mechanical Hard Drives it’s anyone’s guess how much longer that will last. If Mechanical Hard Drive prices continue to increase more buyers may decide to spend a little bit extra money to get a SSD and have a faster performing hard drive.

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