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New Security Officer In Town

Over the past several months you may have heard about all of the corporate systems that have been hacked. One of those systems had mistakenly given up confidential information of its clients. Sony has been a major target for hackers over the last few months. Everything from Sony’s Gaming servers for Playstation 3 to Sony Music Japan has been hacked, sometimes releasing confidential information that should have never been released.

So, after all Sony’s problems in the past recent months, they are now more than ever looking for ways to lock down their network and protect their clients. Sony has just announced their hiring of one of the United States Homeland Security Officials.  Philip Reitinger, former US National Cyber Security Center Director has joined Sony’s Cyber security team as Senior Vice President of Security at Sony.

So…Will Reitinger be able to protect Sony from additional attacks? Time will tell, there is no doubt that having Reitinger on board will help them improve security but, while he was working for the US there were still successful attacks on their systems as well. Security is a tricky game and it seems like there’s always someone that can find a way to get around the defenses you have in place. The trick is to get that amount of people down to as small of a group as possible as well as having multiple security layers in place so you have time to react to an attack before the hacker actually gets any valuable information