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OEM Crapware Will be Included with Windows 8 Still

There were rumors that Microsoft was going to stop allowing manufacturers to install software onto the customers computers before they ever purchase it. If you have purchased a Windows machine in the past then there is a good chance that you have seen the annoying free trials of software that computer manufacturers installed before you even get your machine fired up for the first time.

This is only common with the Windows Operating systems. Mac computers and most Linux distributions do not install any 3rd party software trials or monitoring software. The fact that Windows 8 computers will come out with crapware installed is because The Home Shopping Network has put up 5 Windows 8 machines pre-installed with Windows 8, while Windows 8 is not available until October 26th. According to the specs of the computers; there will be computer manufacturer software installed such as Office 60-day trial, Nero 12 Essentials, Norton Internet Security Suite 60-day trial and other computer manufacturer specific software as well.

So this crapware will probably be included on all computers installed with any version of Windows 8. If you do not like any of this software you can bring it in to our office and we can remove all of it for you.