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Use LarkLife to Start Living Healthier the Easy Way

Lark is an innovative company that provide solutions to help you sleep. The LarkPro is out and helping thousands of people including insomniacs get better sleep. Now at Lark they are making LarkLife, which is a bracelet that you wear all day. The bracelet is stylish and was designed by Ammunition the company that designed the Beats by Dre headphones.

LarkLife is designed for average people that want to get an idea of what kind of work they do all day. You put on the bracelet and it will communicate with their smart phone app. It will communicate with you throughout the day and give you advice that you could respond to immediately. It will also congratulate you on accomplishments such as taking 1000 steps. Once you wear the bracelet for a while it will be able to give you very personalized advice based on your habits.

LarkLife is a diet and sleep tracker with a coach and may be pre-ordered from their website, for $149.99. This device and software is an innovative way to start looking and feeling better. You will be seeing the bracelets on people near you.