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Online Hackers Breach Payday Advance Firm

Like we always say make sure you are very cautious of what you are replying to online via your email or even on websites. On June 6th this month a small group of hackers managed to gain access to a pay day advance company’s user data. Since the data the hackers gained access to had fairly private information such as the last 4 digits of client’s social security numbers there is fear that phishing emails may be sent to them and potentially get more private information out of them.

We see all too often people getting phishing emails trying to get them to give out their information. The best thing to do if you are not 100% sure that the email or website is from the company in question is to simply call the customer service number and verify the information with them. Better to make a simple phone call then to go through the hassle and stress of identity theft.

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