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Password Management Applications: KeePass and LastPass

KeePass and similar products like it will help users create strong passwords because it’s built into the program and the user doesn’t need to think about what characters to use and how to use them. The integrated Random Password Generator will allow users to define a specific set of password outputs. Another nice feature is that all passwords are encrypted to the highest standards, AES, which is the same standard that the Federal government uses to encrypt top secret information.

What are the strengths? First it would have to be the ease of use, it almost gives the user piece of mind. Users will not have to remember dozens of passwords that are longer than 20 characters for every site. Before using a password management application, I used the same password for every site. This is not secure and it’s asking for trouble if your password is compromised.

The primary weakness of KeePass and any other password management application is that if a hacker was to obtain your master password, they could access your password database and access all user credentials to websites that were stored. There is also the fear of having a backdoor to these password management applications.

I personally use a similar product called LastPass. It’s convenient because it tracks all my logon IDs and passwords. All my online accounts are protected by a master password and LastPass also gives you the ability to “AutoLogin” or “AutoFill” the user credential fields within a website.