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Privacy: Rent-to-Own Computers

Recently Atlanta-based Aaron’s Rent-to-Own computer chain has been accused of installing monitoring software onto its computers. The software was able to track a customers’ location, took photos using the computers’ webcam, and also tracked all keystrokes using a keylogger. Unwary customers private information was sent to Aaron, everything from login credentials from emails to Facebook to banking sites.

The FTC has filed a complaint against Aaron’s, which they agreed to settle on a deal with the FTC. Next time you “rent” a computer take simple precautions such as placing a piece of paper and tape over the webcam, if it has one. Also, you don’t want to browse to any sites that have sensitive or personal information.

For the average user tracking and identifying similar monitoring software on a computer can be a daunting process and can be a bit scary. You never want the feeling of having “big brother” watching your every move, even though the NSA is already doing this. We at Tech Experts can perform diagnostics on your computer and filter through every bit of network traffic that goes in and out of your computer. With this information we can disseminate what is good and bad traffic.