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Pet GPS Tracking On Your Phone

Mobile phones have come a long way in the past few years. I can still remember the “mobile” phones that were the size of a small back pack. Anyhow, phone companies have been coming out with many very interesting app’s ever since smart phones have come out from being able to mark your cars location to find it in a parking lot later to using GPS to find a destination half way across the world. What will they think of Next!

Well, a company named “Pet Tracker” has developed a new use for your mobile phone. Pet Tracker has developed a tracking system that includes the tracking device (Attaches to a dog collar) and docking station to charge the collar back up. This system runs on Verizon’s network and currently costs $199.99 for the initial package which includes the first years’ service. Yes, it is a service based application. That’s a cost that some pet owners may be willing to pay since the reward to possibly find your lost dog may be much more than that…

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