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Apple’s iOS 5 Beta Brings Fresh New Features

Apple update’s their Operating Systems to for their mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, etc…) to version 5.  With much added improvements and several bug fixes.  One thing that was improved upon is the way Apple’s iOS handles notifications.  Previously users received a pop-up message displaying they had a new text message or a missed call, but now with iOS 5 Apple has implemented a notification system similar to that of Android.  Users can now swipe from the top of the devices display and quickly see everything from missed calls to text messages.  Users of iOS 5 can now also decide what they want to synchronize with iCloud.  Everything from email messages to calendar appointments and even contacts!  This feature happens instantaneously allowing users to access content anywhere with no delay.
iOS 5 is set for release this Fall 2011 and looks to bring with it a lot of great new functionality.  Keep up-to-date with Apple and iOS here.