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Q&A: What’s This Stuff On My New Computer?

new-computerQ: I just bought a new computer! Why is there a bunch of stuff on it? How did I get rid of it?

A: First of all, congratulations on your purchase!

Secondly, that “stuff” could be one of a couple things — bloatware, trial programs, time bomb software — and it’s best that you get them removed. Most of these programs exist solely to track your presence on the web and can even alter your browsing habits and security.

The trial programs can be dangerous, especially when it comes to anti-virus. Usually, you’ll be covered for a little bit of time, but when that expires (sometimes without notice), you’ll be open to viruses and other infections. Other trial programs like Microsoft Office may have no effect on some users, but others who became dependent on it or assumed they had a full product may end up having to dig out their wallets to make another purchase.

The worst part is that these preloaded programs can be a hassle to fully get rid of. Sometimes, a standard uninstall doesn’t do the trick. It can take hours to get rid of every last trace and the average home user may not know which nooks and crannies to check.

When you purchase a new computer, bring it into Tech Experts instead of tracking down those files yourself. We can thoroughly remove the programs and give you back your computer — just as you imagined it would be when you first opened the box.

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