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Microsoft: More Innovative Than You’d Think

Microsoft has been making leaps and bounds in the Research and Development area, and I am not talking about   anything to do with Windows. Recently Microsoft has been blending touch and touch screens together, among their many research projects that they have began.

LightSpace basically puts a touch screen on any surface. You will be able to project an image on to any surface then interact with the screen on that surface. This could be handy to have a very small computer, and not need a display.

OmniTouch allows you to interact everywhere with everything. You have to strap on a Kinect sized device to your shoulder. You can then navigate the Internet on your arm or highlight text on a piece of paper and upload it to the cloud, while not even touching the original document.

Superkid allows you to make movies with on your own with a virtual background and virtual props. This is commonly seen when a meteorologist gives the weather report and you can see the weather map in motion.

Holodeck is probably the coolest R&D thing that I have saw. It will create a magic wall that that you will be able to see and experience many things virtually that were not available before.  For instance you will be able to see people on the other side of your magic wall from anywhere. You will be able to interact together as if you were just on the other side of the wall. I strongly recommend that you follow the Holodeck link at the beginning of this paragraph to see more. It is truly amazing.

Now you know that Microsoft is not just some Operating System company that rules the Enterprise. They have many new things in the works and are always looking for that new cutting edge thing.