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Slow iPhone? Apple Is The Culprit

Recent news has emerged from a statement Apple had made. They claimed that they released software updates that intentionally slowed down older devices. This caused an uproar, and rightfully so, but how can you fix your now sluggish old iPhone and why are they slowing it down?

Apple’s Reasoning: Batteries

Apple claims that their reasoning for slowing older devices is the way lithium-ion batteries age. They noted how older batteries hold a smaller charge, and this is dependent on many factors. These factors include the number of times the phone has been charged, the amount of time the phone has been charged, to the environment the phone might have been left in a few times. These factors cause the battery to chemically age and lose its better properties.

The update they had released was intended to improve power performance in peak operating hours, but had slowed down users unintentionally. Despite this downgrade, they stated they would not retract this update, instead offering a solution.

Apple’s Solution: New Batteries

The simplest solution comes with a price, but that’s not to say it isn’t worth it. Apple posted an explanation of the situation in full detail on their website on the 28th of December. Alongside, they provided a solution to the issue at hand: buy a new battery.

This had sparked some outcry earlier, as batteries prior to this debacle were $79. Apple stated in the post they had made that the price would be reduced by $50, to $29 starting in late January of 2018. This offer would be eligible until December of 2018, but they have not released any further details on the matter yet.

Though it may be a pain to have a slow phone for some time, this does prevent them from spontaneously shutting down due to a lack of reliable power or even worse issues. Most of all, many are thankful that the company is lowering the price for this fix. The discount stands for non-warrantied batteries as well.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)