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Apple Admits To iPhone Slow-Downs

The Problem

Your iPhone 7 was so fast out of the box. It was reliable, and performed quickly. Over the last few years though, you have noticed things just aren’t moving as fast as they used to. You may have tried resetting your phone, blaming all of those apps and years of data. Yet nothing changed. It just isn’t nearly as responsive as it used to be.

For years, consumers have believed that Apple would slow down their old phones. A ploy, they believed, to drive sales of the newest and best iPhone.

Well, some individuals on Reddit finally decided it was time to see. They performed tests on iPhones and found performance speed changed, not by age of 2 identical devices, but by the iOS version.

Apple’s Explanation

Apple has now admitted the slow-downs on older devices. Their reasoning? To counter the loss of performance on aging batteries. The idea is that over time, the batteries degrade and don’t have the ability to hold a charge as long or perform as well. Apple states random reboots could occur because of the issue. It also states your flash could not function if the battery was too low.

Never fear! Apple says their updates slow system performance to help offset the issues that could arise.

You could speculate that it is a valid reason to include a system throttle in an update, but why not tell users?

A Potential Resolution (At A Price)

Now Apple has some shade to come out of, even if it’s intentions were good. These system throttles affect users of the 6, 6SE, 6+, and the iPhone 7 models. Trying to ease the bad press, and maybe help users out, Apple will sell you a new battery for a $50 discount, now coming in at $29. Go ahead, you can get back to the regularly expected speeds. For right around $30 bucks.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)