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SOPA and PIPA Protests

Many people probably do not realize what is going on right now in the world of the internet, or its inner workings anyhow…SOPA the Stop Online Piracy Act, which is being heavily pushed by many Hollywood studios and other media production companies to allow government to basically make websites accused of housing illegal materials such as copyrighted media illegal and allow them to force the websites to be blocked.

Essentially this bill will allow the government to control what is allow and not allowed on the internet, long story short. Many people and organizations are opposing these bills as they fear they will cause severe damage to the internet’s inner mechanics as well as the fact that it doesn’t actually solve the problem at hand.

With SOPA the initial bill allowed government to force ISPs and other DN providers to remove DNS entries to websites accused of hosting pirated material. While this may sound okay it is cause for concern on many levels. One of which is the fact the simply removing the DNS entry is not going to correct the problem because the website can still be browsed to via its actual IP.

While I am not going to go into much detail on the bills for lack of time…it should be said that people need to be pushing their congressman to vote this down just the same as the many organizations are pushing against it. Many organizations are planning protests against the bills. Some of those companies are Google, Wikipedia, Reddit, etc. There is currently a list of some 500+ websites that will be shutting their websites off tomorrow in an effort to protest these bills.

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