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Spotify Launched in American

Spotify is the next big thing in Social Networking.  Originally released to Europeans first, Spotify has now launched its services for U.S. customers as well.  Not exactly sure what Spotify is?  It’s simple; Spotify is a new way to listen and share music with friends and family.  Subscribers will have access to millions of songs, whenever they want, and wherever they are.  You can access your music via Computer, or many of today’s Smartphones! .   A really great feature of Spotify (Other than the mass amount of music readily available to you), is the ability to share music and playlists with your friends.  Friends can see what you are listening to and check out the playlists you create through Spotify’s social networking features.  Spotify also integrates with Twitter and Facebook making it easier to share your content with the people who you already follow.

Spotify will change the way people will listen and share music.  Currently you must be invited to join but you can sign up here if you are interested.