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NASA – Sounds From Space

NASA Releases Sounds From Space On SoundCloud NASA recently released over a half-century of sounds on SoundCloud. The U.S. space agency recently created a SoundCloud page to reveal some of the most unusual sounds ever recorded. Sounds in space are stifled by a vacuum, but scientists have discovered ways of capturing noise using special instruments on…

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iPod Classic is No More

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the company also made something go away: the iPod Classic, the last of the clickwheel music players. In Apple fashion, the product’s disappearance wasn’t explained. It simply vanished from Apple’s website. However, CEO Tim Cook has revealed why the iPod Classic was discontinued: Apple could no longer buy…

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Spotify Launched in American

Spoti fy is the  next big thing in Social Networking.  Originally released to Europeans first, Spotify has now launched its services for U.S. customers as well.  Not exactly sure what Spotify is?  It’s simple; Spotify is a new way to listen and share music with friends and family.  Subscribers will have…

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