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Watch live TV on your iPad with Time Warner’s new TV app!

You can now watch live TV instantly on your iPad with Time Warner’s TV app.  The app is free for Time Warner’s subscribers only and you have to have their cable video package, and a Time Warner username and password to sign in.  But if you are already a subscriber to Time Warner Cable why not give it a try!  Rumors are they will support Remote DVR Management to allow you to set your DVR to record whenever you are on the go.  Also will be allowed to be used as a remote tuner to use your iPad as a remote control for Video on Demand!

App Features

•Tap to stream some of your favorite live Digital TV programs instantly to your iPad™ anywhere in your home.

•Scroll through the easy-to-use Channel Guide to see “What’s On Now”, and “What’s On Next”.

•Use your home’s existing WiFi connection – so there are no extra hookups.