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The New Budget Phones

Say hello to the new breed of budget phones! While in the very recent past a budget cell phone offered little, if any features other than calling and texting (it wasn’t that long ago when they didn’t even offer texting) users of this type of phone may soon be able to access many of the features offered on the higher end phones.

Since phone manufactures consider a phone with the price tag of under $150 a “Low Cost” phone the users of phones in this category may be getting more choices of smart phones in the near future. Android, one of cell phones most popular operating systems, is yet again breaking new barriers. Many carriers are going to start offering phones in the “Low Cost” category with many of the same features of their more costly versions. Just this past week AT&T (Pictured) began advertising for a $29.00 smart phone featuring the popular Android operating system.

Keep in mind, you get what you pay for…While many computers can run an operating system for instance with say 512 MB RAM, it doesn’t mean you’re going to approve of the performance you get with that hardware. The same will apply with many of the budget phones…they have cheaper components in them and well…won’t run as well as the more expensive Android devices will.

My advice, save up a little extra money and spring for a decent phone if you think you need a phone with Androids feature set.

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