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Ultrabooks Becoming Cheaper

Those of you that have not yet heard, an Ultrabook is similar to a netbook in that it is a small portable computer and that’s about it. Ultrabooks are known to be very light weight and offer very similar features to a laptop with a fraction of the weight. They are the ultimate in portable computing.

Until recently Ultrabooks used primarily sold state hard drives (SSD) which made them very expensive. Acer just released an Ultrabook that gives its users the best of both worlds, SSD speed, but a cheaper price point only associated with cheaper and slower mechanical hard drives.

Many people are wondering if the idea of these hybrid drives will catch on. Most experts agree that it would be in Ultrabook makers best interests to go in this direction as it offers a small amount of hard disk space for the operating system to function off of which increases speed but also offers a lot of storages space economically due to the mechanical drive portion.

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