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The New Nokia 3310: Targeting Nostalgia

And the winner is… Nokia?

The annual Mobile World Congress Trade Show packs the top mobile tech companies under one roof to show off the latest and greatest in mobile technology. However, after 17 years of being in the tech giants’ shadow, no one expected Nokia to steal the show with the unveiling of the new Nokia 3310.

A new phone packaged in an old design, the Nokia 3310 emulates the unbreakable and iconic styling of the original 3310 released all the way back in 2000 — with a few new features of course.

The Specs

Stripped of all smartphone capabilities, the new Nokia 3310 is the perfect phone for those who find modern phones to be a bit too much. Fear not, you can still play Snake!

Dimensions will be 4.55 x 2.01 x 0.50 inches. Compared to the thin smartphones in the market, this is definitely a bit thicker. Not a huge issue though, as it will still easily fit in your pocket.

In contrast, the Nokia 3310’s screen is 240 x 320 pixels – much smaller than the large displays we are used to seeing. However, this is exactly what some people have been looking for, for a long time.

Further, you can still pack a bunch of storage on the device. Its micro SD slot can hold up to 32 GB of memory. The phone is also equipped with a 2 MP camera and LED flash.

Finally, the battery can last over one month on a single charge. Nokia attributes that to stripping away all the bells and whistles.

More Nokia 3310 specs are located here.

The Nostalgia Factor

The new Nokia 3310 is an odd device in today’s cellphone market of large HD touchscreens, high-end mobile CPUs, and massive amounts of memory. Yet, Nokia somehow made this new device intriguing. I chalk this to the nostalgia factor for the golden age of pre-smartphone days.

There is something about the old Nokia design that just feels so right.

And, judging by the initial demand, many people agree with me.

Final Word

At an expected price of around $50, this will be a perfect travel phone or a first mobile device for your kids. You can’t surf the internet or check your emails, but you can do what phones are meant to do: make phone calls. Texting is an option too if you can handle not having a full keyboard anymore.

Overall, I believe this will be a popular device among all generations based on initial consumer feedback. I know I will be picking one up, even if it does not replace my current smartphone. Expect the New Nokia 3310 to be available mid-spring 2017.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)