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Trouble remembering passwords? Get a password manager!

We all know how overwhelming remembering all of our passwords can be.

Especially if you’re like myself, and have a dozen or so online accounts, with numerous user names and several passwords.

Keeping passwords stored on your computer as documents, or the dreaded sticky note reminders we find on our monitors, desks, and several other places we know they shouldn’t be laying around, isn’t safe at all. And, keeping them all in your head can become very difficult.

Well if you’re not on the password manager bandwagon, it’s time to get on board!  A password manager is software that helps user’ store their username and password (or PINS) credentials.

These can be passwords to access your Facebook page, web based email accounts, or even your network logins at home and work.  There are several password managers out there, all using encryption as the key feature they are based around.  Encrypting your data makes it virtually impossible for someone to get access to your information.

Some of the top password managers out there are RoboForm, StickyPasswords, and TurboPassword.  Many of these resources are free, and can really come in handy if used correctly.

I recently was blown away by the password manager that was loaded on a new flash drive I purchased.  It is called IronKey, known as the worlds securest flash drive.  It keeps your personal data and passwords, encrypted and safe from practically everyone.

As an interesting aside, this military-grade USB flash drive has the ability to self-destruct. If you enter the wrong access password 10 times in a row, the encryption chip inside the all-metal case self destructs.

If you’re interested in a password manager system, or even better yet, one of these amazing Ironkey flashdrives, please e-mail us at