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Microsoft is Helping Windows 8 Users

When you create an account in Windows 8 you can associate an email address with the account. If you do this Microsoft will have the ability to send you emails. They have started sending out how-to emails that assist users in navigating the new Windows environment. So far the emails have been labeled “Getting Started with Windows. This can be an invaluable tool for new users who have just purchased a computer loaded with Windows 8, especially if you are used to the legacy Windows environment like Windows 7 and before.

In the email you can expand upon things you do not know or are unsure of. They also have sent out a second email that can teach you how to personalize Windows. This will show you how to customize many things in the new Windows environment such as the start screen, built-in apps, download new apps, and create a picture password. If you wish to learn even more about Windows 8 you can visit their web page and there are all sorts of guide and tutorials on how to customize and interact with Windows 8.