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Trying to Save Your Battery?

Battery life on a laptop is such an important factor when it comes to mobile computing since without it, well, you don’t have a functioning computer. Ever consider how much battery power the various programs you run consume?

Well, Microsoft just came out with their newest web browser in the last few weeks and they decided to put it to the test against other browsers. According to Microsoft in a test against the 4 other most popular browsers, Internet Explorer 9 has come out on top in the power saving race. During the tests that Microsoft put in place, they ran each browser on the same laptop running the same various websites on each of them to determine exactly how long the battery would last. Websites ranged anywhere from basic pages with no animations to web pages that were graphic intensive and would actually push the computer to consume more power.

At the completion of the test the browsers in order from best to worst in regards to power consumption on your computer were: Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4, Safari 5, Opera 11, followed by Google’s Chrome 10. So if power saving is what you’re looking for go with Internet Explorer 9, if not…I think I’m still going to stick with Google Chrome.