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Are We Running Out of Wireless Spectrum

You may or may not have heard all the buzz about the wireless spectrums “running out of space”. If not then let’s play catch up, there are a number of companies stating that they need the government to step in an auction of some of the currently unused spectrum that other companies currently own or have rights to. That’s about it…

Anyhow, many of the large wireless carriers have high utilization on the spectrum ranges they are allotted but want to be able to purchase more of the spectrum (to the tune of billions of dollars) to increase their ability to provide newer services. Right now the largest carriers primarily use their spectrums for older wireless networks ranging from 2G to 3.5G and because of this do not have the available spectrum to expand to 4G and further on a large scale.

Several companies have a lot of spectrum available to them but do not have the financial capabilities or the business plan to expand on to these networks further. These are the types of companies the large wireless providers are pushing to sell of their unutilized spectrum.

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