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Windows 8.1 pushed back to October

Microsoft had an 8.1 preview last month but in not likely to release the service pack until around October. Microsoft announced that they will have the updates available for device in August. This will make the consumers endure with their current Windows 8 devices.

Windows 8.1 will add features that many consumers have been complaining about. There will be the return of the start button. Also now if a screen of an app has a context menu there will be 3 little dots that signify there is a context menu. This is very similar to the Windows Phone Book. There are new backgrounds that are similar to Android phone backgrounds, there will be a parallax effect, this way when you scroll through the start menu the background scrolls with you.

If you are in a hurry to see the latest 8.1 build is offering then you can download the the release preview directly from Microsoft’s website.  They have an edition for both 32 and 64 bit as well as a plethora of languages. You just scroll to the lower part of the page and you will see instructions for installing and the downloads are below that. The full release will be out this fall.