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Windows 8 Sales Poor

Windows 8, as many predicted would flop appears to be doing just that. According to a recent report Windows 8 sales are a little worse than sluggish, they’re downright terrible. The report shows that Windows 8 is coming in at 1.7% of the computers on the Internet. That same report taken at the same period in Windows 7’s life cycle showed that it had 21% market share!

Sales are so poor that even some of Microsoft’s partners are complaining, Fujitsu has made it very clear that they are not happy with the results as it is making it very difficult to move product. Acer also made similar comments due to drops in their sales.

So, what’s causing the terrible drop in performance? Well there are numerous reasons why Windows 8 is not selling well. Most notably is the fact that a majority of computers now a days are still not touch screen and Windows is was designed primarily for a touch screen user experience.

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