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Wireless Routers: Harmful To Your Health

Wireless routers use dangerous electromagnetic radiation to send their signals to your computer through walls. If you have a wireless Internet router set up in your home or office (Bluetooth, Air-Port Extreme, Air-Port Express, Netgear, D-Link, Belkin, Linksys and other wireless network devices) you are receiving massive amounts of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) exposure, and living or working in a dangerous range of radiation. These antenna radiation patterns have been shown to lead to numerous health problems.

Intensity of EMF Exposure

Those routers and cable modems that make it so convenient to get to the Internet emit electromagnetic radiation at low levels but are potentially dangerous. The typical home or office wireless networks transmit radio signals in the same general frequency range as the frequency that microwave ovens use to cook food.

Duration is a Factor in Wi-Fi Health Dangers

Most health damage comes from the wireless devices that don’t get turned off at night, they stay on. Connecting your computers to the Internet whether you’re surfing or not, you’re flooding your home with dangerous EMF levels.

Layering Increases the Wi-Fi Health Affects

Think about when happens when you check for a wireless network to connect to. Do you see the Wi-Fi signals of your neighbors? Harmful artificial EMFs are all around you.

Recent EMF Studies

More scientific EMF studies suggest prolonged exposure to wireless DSL or cable devices cause tumors, as well as memory loss and other forms of brain damage.

In general, high artificial EMFs like these have been shown to disturb the human body’s natural energetic field, leading to stress and fatigue as well as DNA changes and degenerative diseases like cancer. Read more about EMF at

What to do about Wi-Fi Health Dangers

Because these EMFs are designed to flood entire homes and buildings, moving away from them is not an option. While they can be turned off when not in use, or replaced with hardwired connections, there are the neighboring signals to contend with.

There are products designed to influence artificial EMFs, restoring coherence and balance to the fields around you. In other words, they alter the EMF, changing it from harmful to harmless. Check out the EMF Protection Store.