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No Power No Problem

Inventors from all over have been using a website called Kickstarter to bring much needed funding to new products they are designing. The ideas is that if someone needs money to work on a project they can pitch their idea via this website and potentially gain the funding for the project provided they meet their goal in the specified amount of time.

Many times inventors also offer bonuses for those that do help fund projects. Bonuses can be as small as noting the funders name in the projects special thanks to offering them a finished product for free or deeply discounted once they are complete.

A recent invention though not computer related is definitely related to tech that everyone uses now a days. SolePower is one of the companies trying to secure funding for a project that is designed to allow its users to put a special shoe insert into their shoe and have it generate power as the user moves. The idea is to create an insert that can provide enough power that users would not even need to rely on the grid for power to keep their beloved devices charged.

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